Saturday, April 16, 2005


This guy is a Republican! From freakin' Texas! Wha--?!
"Protection of life and liberty must once again become the issue that drives political thought in this country. If this goal is replaced by an effort to promote world government, use force to plan the economy, regulate the people, and police the world, against the voluntary desires of the people, it can be done only with the establishment of a totalitarian state. There’s no need for that. It’s up to Congress and the American people to decide our fate, and there is still time to correct our mistakes."
A Republican who hasn't been hypnotized by the Neocons! Is he the only one? Will he be a member of a "third party" soon? Will he die in one of those mysterious "small-plane crashes"? Is he a shining example of hope for centrists who are sick of being swatted back and forth by the extremists who seem to control American politics?

I say, let's trade him for !@%$&#$ Zell Miller!


Mike of the North said...

I decided to drop the campaign to nuke texas when I found out about rep paul. But leave it to the idiot repukes to choose the wrong texan to put in the white house.

BerlinBear said...

Hi Shea,

I found you through your comments on Pourquoi Pas? and thought I'd stop by to see what you have to say. Looks good so far. I especially liked your "I am what I am" post. I've blogrolled ya, and I'll be back for more. Keep up the good work!

SheaNC said...

Thanks, berlinbear. And hey, Mike, I remember that, now. So, Texas owes him one for saving them from the big kablooie!

romablog said...

I think there's a glitch in the matrix.

SheaNC said...

Or, is that the Mooo-trix?

Mike of the North said...

Yeah, rep paul, and all the incredible musicians have come from the state. Doug Sahm, "Flaco" the reverend Billy G., Freddy Fender, Willie, Holley, the list goes on and on. The food is pretty good too.

I am working on a neutron bomb that targets authoritarian assholes that would be useful in any state.

btw, my use of the word "bomb" in this missive has now placed your site on the NSA watch list.

You may thank me later, perhaps in the intimate darkness of a small room.


SheaNC said...

(.) (.)