Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? I haven't been blogging, that's obvious.

I don't know why I have gone for blogging breaks; I've written about it in the past as a way to make myself stop taking them, but I still do it. I'm back now, though, for a long time, I hope.

I started blogging in Oct 2004 and decided I wouldn't stop at least until the Bush regime was removed from power. It appears that day is on the horizon, but I am greatly disillusioned with the entire process. The democratic party has let us down so many times that I am back to considering them the lesser of two evils. What hopes I had following the 2006 congressional elections was dashed as the "democratic" congress refused to impeach the bush administration, approved mountains of money to continue their conquest of the middle east, and generally seemed to become the repukes' willing henchmen.

Who is worse: Dracula or Renfield? Dracula, obviously. Does that mean we admire Renfield so much that we want him to make all the rules and represent our interests in the world? Not for me, it doesn't. But our Dem leadership thinks we're satisfied with Renfield at the helm of the ship of state.

And you know what? They're right about that - most people seem to be satisfied with the lesser of two evils. Many are even more satisfied with the with the greater of two evils. Still more don't care much either way: a poll was taken decades ago that shows most Americans at the time actually opposed our own constitution, and I wouldn't be surprised if the situation has only gotten worse. If nothing else, we are most certainly all more controlled by corporate media than ever before.

So I become disillusioned and discouraged as things get worse and worse. This latest news about John Edwards, whom I previously endorsed as a good candidate (Kucinich will always be my #1 pick), is a deeply disappointing example. I thought he was worthy of my vote, and now I find out he's a philanderer and a liar. It's just another brick in the wall. And it's been like that for a while now.

So I become disillusioned and discouraged and remain so. Hopeful? Sure, there's always hope. The democrats, who in spite of being the sniveling lapdogs of the vile repukes, are still at least 1,000% less corrupt than the repukes are, could win. IF the repukes don't steal the election for a THIRD @#$%^ TIME.* Which they probably will. And if they don't, it won't matter much anyway; partly because the of damage they've done which won't be repaired in my lifetime, and partly because I predict they will wait until after the election, then go to war against Iran before January 2009, and leave the whole economic-political mess for the Democrats to repair/live with/be blamed for. And the Dems deserve it, because they didn't impeach the bastards and end the war in 2006 like we elected them to do.

* (Don't worry... this hasn't happened. Yet.)