Sunday, April 24, 2005

Recollections of Elections

This is what someone wrote in an email to BartCop back on April 22.
I live in Iowa and worked hard for the Dean campaign. The Kerry thing came out of nowhere and is quite suspicious.

If you look online at the records of Iowa donations Kerry was low on the list compared to the other candidates. He was like fourth or fifth on the list. But if you look at the list, now unavailable to the public, of Republicans who switched parties in order to participate in the Iowa caucus, youâll see a suspiciously large number. Add to that the fact that the local papers started 'reporting' that droves of Democrats were flocking to Kerry because Dean was 'unelectable' and you start to see a pattern.

Most of the Democrats that I talked to who had switched to Kerry only did so after they read that Dean was unelectable and everyone else was going over to Kerry. It was coordinated and slimy. The Iowa debacle was not the voice of the people. I can't say exactly what happened, but there was some political hanky panky going on. Don't generalize Iowans because some sort of political machine rose up and skewed the results.
I know, this is more useless old news from the past, right? Except that we should never forget what happened; in '00, and '04... this is what happens when we let our guard down.

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