Monday, April 25, 2005

Here's Your Christian Right Crusader Against Moslem Holy War Extremism:

Republicans believe that the fillibuster is used by Democrats "Against people of faith."

So, what do you call this?

How about hypocrisy? How about typical?


Sar said...

I saw this story on the news while I was folding clothes yesterday, and damn if I didn't feel compelled to just toss the laundry basket at the tv out of frustration.

But, alas, a junkie doesn't mess with their fix, so I resisted the urge and left my tv alone, choosing instead to merely shake my head in disbelief.

windspike said...

The arogance of the repubilcan party is astounding. They must simply think that they are going to indefinately maintain the majority as they are dismantling any semblence of power the minority has to defend itself.

Make no sense to me since methinks the reichwing is going to take some serious hit come election time,2006.

Charone said...

Fuck Saudi Arabia

SheaNC said...

...and the Arabian horse they rode in on!