Friday, April 22, 2005

Other Peoples' Money

The totally great Think Progress blog has a neat little post called "Throwing Stones," where they say:
George W. Bush, 4/20/05: "If someone doesn’t pay his or her debts the rest of society is left paying for them."

Amount added to the federal debt during the George W. Bush presidency: 2.2 trillion
I need some new adjectives. "Liar" and "hypocrite" are getting worn out from over-use!

UPDATE: This tidbit shows how better off you are with the Giggling Murder-Monkey and Quasimodo in charge.


windspike said...

There is a nice line of commentary going on over at think progress...

If liar and hypocrite are overused, how about spoiled rotten as well?

This coming from a man who had daddy get him out of going to Vietnam. He is so used to getting his way and having other people get him out of debt that he doesn't know any other way.

Perhaps we aught to - a la Eddie Murphy in Trading Places - let him have a tast of working three jobs and bing a single parent for about six years and see what kind of fiscal policy he comes up with.

The whole charade that is W, Rove and Co would be a great comedy if it weren't so tragic and we - the general American populace - were not so gullible.

Sar said...

Equally tragic - I'd be willing to bet Rove & Co could actually make a decent stab at ending poverty and world hunger if they were to actually use their sharp tounges and wit for "good".

Sar said...

Forgot to mention - liked your link w/the stats. Good stuff to throw back at bone-headed "fiscal" conservatives who like to quote numbers as their defense against the outcries of liberals!