Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Can Bush Ever Stop Lying?

In an April 15th story, "Bush proclaims belief in open government," Bush said
"I believe in open government," the president said. "I've always believed in open government."
As usual, he was lying. Bush & Co. prefer to operate their presidency in secret: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11... you can find sources for days. And don't even get me started on the fact that he's appeared at fewer press conferences than any president since Taft. Wisely so, given his pathetic inability to communicate, his broad ignorance of anything not profitable to the Neocon agenda, and his sneering contempt for the press and the public. Besides, he probably gets fidgety while they are attaching the wires.

When he says he believes in open government, it is a sarcastic insult to us all. What he is really saying is, "Try to stop me, you worthless chumps."

How many of you would like to go 5 minutes in the ring with the Monkey?


Sar said...

Hi SheaNC -

Caught your blog through Windspike's, which I actually caught through Moxiegrrrl (love your comments Windspike; very intelligent & spot-on!).

Your blog here is chock full of great stuff, so kudos to you & I'll be sure to bookmark it!

As for GWB - if it weren't so painful, it might actually be entertaining to watch him attempt to speak. I find it hard to get past that annoying "heh heh", shoulder bouncing laugh he does when he realizes he's coming off as an idiot, which, let's face it, is ALL the time!

SheaNC said...

Wow, thank you. Windspike's site is great, and Moxiegrrl's is also - I should visit there more often.

I agree about that laugh - it's the equivalent of a "hyuk hyuk" from a Saturday Night Live sketch... only it's real! Augh! No wonder Laura Bush that look of madness in her eyes.

Sar said...

Nice SNL analogy!

One can only wonder how Laura survives living with the mutant monkey. Must be because he loves her so much (wink wink). Check this out & you'll see what I mean.


Mike of the North said...

I believe that what geeboy was referring to in "open govt'" was a govt' open to anal assault by the neocons.

Metaphorically speaking, it sure seems that I've had a good reaming over past few years.

windspike said...

Hey thanks for the plug sar!

Humm...secret documents greater number than any other administration at any point in the whole history of the usa...humm, not opening up testimony to the 911 panel but had to have the big Dick there with him...hummm, open government? Lots of leaks that can end up on the killing of CIA operatives....humm

W, Rove and Co are for open government like they hope to control sexual relations between gay men - all sphinchters tightly closed.

SheaNC said...

Alas, W is a sphincter that they try to keep closed but keeps emitting noxious vapors. Cheney is a dry and inflexible sphincter. And Rove, well... I think he and Jeff Gannon have inspected the bunker a few times, too >8^)

Er, sorry, gay readers. I promise I'll insult the Bush administration in ways that span the whole of human existence.