Monday, February 25, 2008

Link Project (Phase One) complete, or, More About Me!

Okay, I have finally (after !@#$ months) sorted through my list of links. That's been on my to-do list for a long time, and yes, I evidentally like lists. But if you think that's the end of it, think again: I have a bunch of saved links to add now, not to mention all the great ones I find at other blogs like politickybitch or Azgoddess's "now for something completely different" links. Damn, this blogging stuff is a lot of work!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Okay, so...

...I've finshed some of the updates on the blog. I still have to revise my whole blog roll, because some of them are probably dead links by now, and I've also spotted a few embarrassing typos. I've been adding them since November 2004. It seems like an eternity sometimes... I began all this as a reaction to the awful Bush presidency, and now that presidency is winding to a close, and it feels as if we have been through political hell. Or, a hell of a political ride, at least.

I was a contributor to three different blogs at one point. One is defunct, one carries on, and mine sometimes feels, well... I mean, look at some of those links. 9/11 stuff, Bush stuff. Less and less relevant as time goes by, which is sad to say, because the events of the Bush administration represent some of the most significant crimes against this country, and the world, and they are fast slipping from public memory. Treason in the face of apathy and acceptance equals success for the plutocratic bastards of the neocon Bush/Cheney regime.

But I digress. As I think about blogging; the act of blogging, that is, one thing really stands out to me. That is the impact it has had on the establishment and the way some politicians have demonstrated such a fear of bloggers. Right-wingers in particular (well, it's true) tend to condemn bloggers with such enthusiasm that it is almost funny to watch, if it weren't so sad (how many times have I had to type that phrase over the last four years?). It's so painfully obvious how afraid the rightwing is of "common people" having such a powerful voice in current affairs. Even though they gain power by pandering to the masses, they never reliquish their power to those masses - they use them and toss them aside, and maintain their deathgrip on all of us who exist only to be used by them in their ongoing quest for more money and power.

But when blogging came along - Bam! All of a sudden, the rest of us had a voice that the establishment had not yet learned how to supress. And they still haven't, although they are learning, and they ultimately will shut us up one way or another. Until that time, we will have made a hell of a mark. Like the underground countercultures that have come before, and changed the world, bloggers have dealt a blow to the powermongers that was really felt. Ha. I'm glad. For a while, at least, we can say we had a positive effect on the world.

Because we can't win, you know? We can't. Progressive movements change the direction of society for a few miles on the highway of history, but ultimately the powerbroker class wins and crushes us until the next uprising. America itself is a good example. It began as a progressive revolutionary rebellion against the established ruling class, but soon corruption reared its ugly head and became an intrinsic part of American government, and once again the same old rich and powerful ruling class were in control. See, progressives are usually content to fix a hole in a boat, relax and sail on in the knowledge that the problem was a one-off and all is well from here on out. Optimism. The power-elite estabishment, on the other hand, conservatives will keep punching holes in that boat until they sink it, no matter how many holes the progessives fix, the conservatives will not rest until the boat has sunk. As they boasted in 2004, they are "resolute." We won't have to worry about what to do with our newly-won democracy and benevolent leadership anytime soon, I'll bet.

This is a rambling and depressing post, isn't it? At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is minor regime change coming along, so that's something. I'm looking forward to seeng who corporate America selects to "lead" the country. In the meantime, I'll dream of a planet where domocratic leaders are elected through direct elections by a popular vote with verifyable results and runoff elections to ensure majority rule. In other words, more crazy rambling.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Darwin Day!

February 12 is Darwin Day!

Woo hoo! Rock on, those of you who eschew the literal interpretation of Genesis! Rock on, all you organisms in the ecosystem! Let's all hope we can evolve a little further this year. I've done my part, by providing a home for a six-toed cat. Surely, he represents the future.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Elect-ile Dysfunction

All my voting life, I have been very dissatisfied with the American process presidential elections. The electoral college is not only obsolete and ineffective, but the electors are not required to vote according to the will of the people, and occasionally they don't. The electoral college has it's defenders (or apologists), but the bottom line is that it was designed to oppose democratic elections and replace the results with election by a select elite. I don't know them and I don't trust them.

It is common knowledge that Gore won the popular vote in 2000 by approximately half a million votes. As far as democracy is concerned, he was elected president in 2000. In my opinion, that means Bush was not elected president, and if he wasn't president in 2000, he could not be "re-elected" in 2004, so he has been a phony pretender to the office for his entire administration. Imagine how much better off the world would be if the voter's actual votes had been respected, and the president had been elected by the citizens.

All this defines me as a tin-foil-hat-wearing-far-left-radical-conspiracy-theorist-blah-blah-etc in the eyes of the right, and even in the eyes of the mainstream, most of whom do not seem to give a monkey's buttcheek whether their most valuable right as citizens is just a cheap facade. They are so placated by the propaganda that is foisted upon them from cradle to grave, so that most of what they think they know is actually lies, that they just don't care. In our consumerist/celebrityist culture, they are more concerned with having stuff and being entertained that by the things that really matter (yes, I am inclined to be done with relative values: I say there are things that matter more than bigscreen TVs and SUVs and Britney Spears).

In 2004, I thought that the horror of the 2000 election fiasco would shock voters to demand changes to the electoral process: Direct elections with verifiable results. Is that so much to ask from the nation that defines itself as the world leader in democracy and technology? But, no change happened, and I am beginning to believe won't anytime soon. Those of us who question the status quo are laughed at and derided.

Meanwhile, in the primaries, by the time they come to my state (CA), half the choices have decided to quit and deprive us of the choice to vote for them. So a handful of states (swayed by corporate-controlled media selectivity) who are lucky enough to have earlier primaries get to choose who the rest of us are offered to vote for in the primaries... we don't even get to vote for our choice among the declared candidates! That is taken away from us even at this early stage! Do you want to vote for Edwards, or Kucinich? Tough luck, California, South Carolina or the pop media or whoever makes the call says that we are not allowed to have the same choices they had.

Some democracy. It's totally unfair and rigged from day one. I am completey disillusioned (again). My vote means nothing, and never has. And don't get me started about electronic election fraud and the inevitable republican victory it portends (unless the republicans are following their pattern of ruining the country and then leaving office for a term or two so a democrat can repair the damage and take the blame, thus paving the way for the next eight year plutocratic orgy).

I am back to where I was before 2004: part of a radical minority who will never be represented in American government; who must select candidates and positions based on other people's values; who is completly aware that he has no representation and no voice that matters; who's smartest option seems to be to simply try to make a life in a nation built of lies and deceit and treachery; where sharing democracy with the world means bringing death from the skies and the stormtrooopers who facilitate that carnage are regarded as heroes even by those who claim to oppose the never-ending war and invasion and occupation to lay seige to other countries' resources; where all power is transfered to the Halliban plutocracy and the christian-fundamentalist theocracy; where waging war for oil is more important that education and healthcare and the president is applauded for saying so.

Yeah, I'll vote. I'll participate in this broken corrupt system to save myself from having to listen to others tell me that if I don't vote, I have no right to complain. That's the rub that Americans always present us dissenters with, isn't it? Either vote for something against which you are morally and philisohically opposed, or else your fundamental right to freedom of speech doesn't exist. I'm not allowed to express my opinion unless I march in lockstep with the machinery of the corporate machine that is America.

Yeah, I'll vote. May the best tool win.

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