Friday, April 15, 2005

Not All Christians Want To Kill You

Really! Here is a site operated by a Christian couple who wisely describe how their Christian values are in direct conflict with the fascist Neocon agenda. Here's how they descibe themselves:
"We are very concerned about how the Gospel and Scripture are (mis-)represented in popular culture, religious media and the churches, and how truth in general is mis-represented by the neo-conservative wealth elite in the current administration and in other key segments of our cultural and national life. These things have dreadful implications for all present and future residents of our planet."
They have some wonderful posts, like this one called "American Congress 'Grossly Wicked'? Jesus Calls Its Values 'Detestable'," and another that points out how, like Bush and his cohorts, "Hitler Defended Christian Morality & Family Values."

I have been accused in the past of being anti-Christian, which I am not. You won't find derogatory remarks about Christians in my blog, although you will find much criticism of fundamentalist theocratic neocon sympathizers of all religions. I probably live by a more Christian code of ethics than many Christians do, but I don't go around proclaiming it (for one thing, I am not a Christian, although I appreciate philosophies from many diverse sources).

Anyway, the site above is one example of many out there which remind us that there are Christians out there who try to live by His teachings, rejecting the neocon agenda of greed, murder, hypocrisy, and evil. More power to them :)


Ken Grandlund said...

Always good to remember that not all religious people are zealots. Many are just regular folks like the rest of us.

The strangest thing about Christianity to me has always been their concept of conversion, whether forced or comingled. Earth is such a crowded place already, wouldn't you want your eternal paradise to be a bit less crowded? Especially when most don't really mean that whole "Love thy neighbor" bit. Just a thought, I guess.

SheaNC said...

Indeed. And, as we know, much of that conversion took the form of torture and slavery. But, as you say, it's good to remember there are moderates out there. I try hard not to judge according to a groups most extreme examples. As for me, my religion comes from an episode of Beverly Hillbilles: When asked, Jed said, "Why, we's Golden Rulers!"

larryrant said...

Hey, thanks for the good words about us, sheaNC! It's always nice to be heard and responded to on the basis of what we actually said - as I'm sure you well know from your own experience.

I hope the 'Golden Rulers' win.