Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Me and Christmas

Okay, I said a while back I would do a post about me and Christmas. I usually write about more satirical or political things at Christmas time (remember the one about Christians' believing that Santa Claus is actually Satan?).

I love Christmas; I always have. The holiday festivities, the decorations, the "meaning of Christmas" (as taught to me by the old Christmastime TV specials of my childhood), the general wonderfulness of it all. The thing that throws some people off, though, is the fact that I am not a Christian.

I don't have a religion. I do have a set of beliefs, but that's another post in itself. My point here is to describe my relationshp with and enthusiasm about a holiday that has become associated with Christianity. I have blogged a lot about the Pagan origins of Christmas traditions, and how it is originally a Pagan holiday that was hijacked by Christians. But that's mostly for fun and partly to enlighten any poor souls who might happen by and don't already know what we know.

Christmas appeals to more in me than what Christians claim. I enjoy sociology, history, observation of culture, of human nature, of humanity in its various expressions. The Christmas I have known since my earliest memory was a cultural holiday; one where people tried to express all those good things we're all familiar with, all embellished with the colorful trappings of holiday festival. My generation grew up on Rankin-Bass animated Christmas specials, and the magic contained therein. I even appreciate the things that Christianity has brought to the table (so to speak), although I see them as expressions of cultural and historical significance, the human glue that binds societies together. As a non-Christian, and a nonreligious person in general, I recognize that religion is still a part of me as long as I am a part of society - it is a part of my culture, even if I don't share those beliefs.

So, what I love about Christmas is the cultural things; the festival, the history, the holiday, the lights, colors, art, music, sights, sounds, aromas, and yes, even traditions. There's a lot to be said for appreciating the holidays on a lot of different levels; it makes for a rich experience indeed.

Well, it's far into Christmas Eve, so I'll leave on that note. A heartfelt Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Christmas Cool Stuff: It's a Blunderful Life

This is great: It's a Blunderful Life. Apparently there are lot's of "Wonderful Life" parodies with GWBush. Remember: "Everytime a bell rings, Rove becomes someone's bitch in prison."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Blogging Begins. Wassail!

Okay, anyone who has had the dubious fortune of reading my blog during past Decembers knows that I love to blog about the pagan origins of Christmas. I also enjoy poking fun at the rightwing defenders against the "war on christmas".

So, I am starting off this year's Christmas blogging with this 3-part documentary that I found in the interwebs. These have a lot of really cool info (get a load of Ruprecht in pt 2 - who knew that Santa Claus was based less on St. Nicholas than on the devil that St. Nick captured and enslaved?)

I'll be blogging more about Christmas this year, as I have some thoughts to share about my complicated relationship with the holiday - but until then, please enjoy this three-part documentary about the origins of Christmas.