Sunday, November 6, 2005

Rightard 101

From a usenet newsgroup posting:
"Well Scooter Libby is having to go to court to defend his right to be Conservative, just as Delay is doing the same in defense of his right to exercise the duties of his office as Majority whip of the House."
Ha ha. Are those guys funny, or what? Oops, I forgot - they control all three branches of government of the most powerful nation on earth!


Mike V. said...

that's awesome.
I guarantee whoever that was quoted that verbatim from Heil Hannity or some shit like that.
too funny.

Mike of the North said...

It's amazing how pathetically homogenous and lacking in original thought the IDIOTS! that support this piece of dung prez are. I swear I've read the same response in a dozen different blogs. Check out some of the bone head remarks this guy gets.
El PaĆ­s de las Pesadillas:
Sweet Dreams For America's
Ruling Elite And Their
Sycophantic Loyalists

SheaNC said...

God, it's amazing. Where are the sensible moderate repubs? Did the neocons have them killed?