Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veterans Day: Bush Says, F**k You, Vets!

Bush's War on Veterans
Earlier this year, Republican leaders in Congress blocked $2 billion in emergency funding for veterans' health care from the $82 billion supplemental funding bill. They felt that the money would be better spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, where we're producing more and more injured soldiers for whom we cannot afford adequate medical care.

Then the Bush administration requested a mere 2.7 percent increase in Veterans Affairs (VA) spending, even though the VA's Under Secretary testified last year that the VA health care system needs a 13 to 14 percent increase annually to maintain their current level of services.

Thousands of veterans of the first Gulf War are suffering the effects of exposure to depleted uranium (DU), or have died from that exposure, yet the U.S. government denies the effects and continues to ship DU munitions for use in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Some wounded U.S. soldiers have returned home from the current war in Iraq only to learn that they are being referred to credit agencies for "failure to pay" for lost equipment, and for charges for military housing.

And about one-fourth of all homeless Americans are veterans. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, nearly 200,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Two percent of them are female. Most of these cases are attributed to lingering effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and substance abuse, compounded by a lack of family and social support networks.

This is how our government treats those who have so bravely fought for their country.

Veterans Lash Out at Loss of Voice on Capitol Hill
Chairman Buyer recently announced that veterans service organizations will no longer have the opportunity to present testimony before a joint hearing of the House and Senate Veterans' Affairs Committees.

"The tradition of legislative presentations by veterans service organizations dates back to at least the 1950s. And the timing of this announcement -- just before Veterans Day -- could not have been worse," said DAV National Commander Paul W. Jackson.

War on Veterans
On Veterans Day, as our nation remains at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the President and Members of Congress will call on America to support our troops and talk about how much we owe our men and women in uniform. But instead of honoring its commitment to those whose service and sacrifice have kept us free and safe, our government has launched a devastating assault on benefits for America's veterans.

Federal funding for veterans programs over the years has not even kept pace with inflation, let alone the increased demands on the Department of Veterans Affairs for health care and other earned benefits. The administration claims to have provided record increases for veterans, yet thousands of them have been denied access to VA health care. Because of budget shortfalls, VA facilities in every region of the country have exhausted reserve funds to meet critical needs. Many have stopped hiring doctors and nurses, while still others have cut back or even eliminated medical services. It is a clear indication that the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country are not a national priority.

But inadequate funding for medical care isn't the only thing veterans are concerned about...

Bush Honors Veterans By Slashing Veterans Affairs Budget by $1 Billion
In return for Veterans' lost lives, the sacrifices, the suffering, the dislocation, the burdens, the family disruptions and related family crises the President proposes a $1 billion cut in a $28.7 billion VA budget.

2006 Won’t Be First Year Bush Cuts Support for Veterans

Too many examples to list.

The point is, the Bush administration couldn't care less about soldiers or veterans. Happy fucking veterans day.

By the way, don't forget to reserve as much derision as possible for the chickenhawks.


windspike said...

Not only is the W, Rove and Co fucking the GIs, their families are also getting they royal screw job. How many military families need to opperate their households on food stamps? Just wondering?

Jeremy said...

I will never, ever, ever understand "Veterans for Bush" bumper stickers. Ever. Ever. EVER.

Talk about people who vote against their best interest.

I no longer know what to say to those people - to those who have had friends or family die, it's a terrible thing - but when they continue after that fact to support this war and this administration, I have nothing left for them. Nothing to say. I just want to look at them, shrug and say, "I'm sorry I can't help you."

I have two friends serving in Iraq (one of which was almost killed during the infamous mess hall bombing a while back), neither of which supports this war. I guess they don't support the troops (themselves) either, according to today's speech.

SheaNC said...

Yeah. And those who sent them off to perform the conquest of Iraq aren't support their best interests, either.

Rick said...

You are absolutely correct. You will never, ever, ever understand.

Mike V. said...

are you saying there's a good reason for those stickers, Rick?

Anonymous said...

What's too complicated for you here? You're a veteran of what? I thought so.

SheaNC said...

the anonymous commenter is in favor of short-changing vets?

Rick said...

You may arrogantly pretend to speak for all kinds of people. You may not speak for veterans. You will never understand what you are incapable of understanding. Speaking freely is simply a birthright for you. It is not something you have earned.

Jack Mercer said...

Since when has the left started caring about soldiers?


SheaNC said...

"Since when has the left started caring about soldiers?"

Jack, I know we try to give each other the benefit of the doubt, but that is a really ignorant generalization.

First of all, my post didn't even mention left or right, did it? It mentioned current policies.

Second of all, the people who "care about soldiers" are the ones who don't exploit them to be used as blood-money thugs for big business interests.

And thirds, get a load of who served and who didn't. The "left" served this country valiantly, while the "right" is chock full of hypocritical, cowardly chickenhawks.

Your statement is really off the mark in a big way, man.

SheaNC said...

Rick, damn right my freedom of speech is my birthright. I stand behind my statements and I speak for no one but me. You have a problem with that?

rick said...

Nope. I have no problem with that whatsoever. It is indeed your birthright. Americans (some Americans) are a strange lot. They land on beachfronts all over the globe to free the oppressed and to guarantee freedom for the unappreciative back home. So arm yourself with your keyboard on veterans day and spit venom any direction you want. It's on me. My treat. No charge. My very best to you and your family.

SheaNC said...

Oh, I think you do have a problem with it Rick, obviously, or you would not be blathering away like this. Don't you know what "birthright" means? Don't you know what "inalieanble rights" are? They're certainly not "your treat", as you so arrogantly presume. They are mine. Intrinsically. But, people like you claim that you gave me my rights, so that you can then take them away. Well, we're not going to let you, no matter how grandiose you delusions may be.

rick said...

Getting in the last word cannot be substituted for lack of knowledge. It is not a wise strategy. Additionally, not recognizing that you have been dismissed is a shortcoming that you likely will never be able to overcome. Enjoy your "free" freedoms.

SheaNC said...

Again with the delusions of grandeur. Just because you dismiss me doesn't mean I've "been dismissed" 8^) Your opinion of yourself is overrated, to put it mildly. I'll tell you what is really unfortunate about you, rick. You lash out at me for describing these horrible insults against veterans, and you say nothng about the terrible things done to them by their own government. You apparently approve of it - you should be ashamed.