Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush Was Opposed to Withdrawal Before He Was For It

Even though Bush said that we cannot win the war on terror, he also says that we will not leave Iraq until we have achieved "total victory".

So, let's get this straigt. Bush says we will not stop fighting the war until we have won it. He also says it cannot be won. Okay, we can accept that from the flip-flopper-in-chief 1, 2, 3. Anybody who still thinks this war will actually end is delusional.

But now, as if lying isn't enough, he has decided to steal ideas from the democrats! Ha! His party must be so proud of that.

When we who oppose the war call for troop withdrawal, we are called traitors and worse by the right-wing bloodbathers. But, oh, it's a wonderful idea when it comes from the mouth of the neocon spokesidiot. But, what else could one expect from a bunch of avaricious thugs whose idea of world peace is to kill everyone and take their stuff. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.


windspike said...

The spin is so quick with the repugs, they are turning the earth the opposite direction.

Jack Mercer said...


Didn't Bush say in the beginning that his intent was not occupation and that we would turn over control and withdraw when the Iraqi government and security forces could handle themselves?

I don't understand your reasoning here.


Mike of the North said...

Jack, Bushie boy's statements about not wanting to occupy iraq is and was, just so much more of his bullshit.

His intent has always been to secure iraq's oil fields for the west. Occupation by your lackeys (iraq's "new" security forces} is still occupation.

This whole thing is blowing up in his face. You watch, this dipshit of an administration is about to announce a time table and troop withdrawls. bushie and everybody that voted for him deserved to be paraded into the u.n. and pimp slapped.

This country has lost all moral legitimacy. (if it truly had any left after vietnam)

SheaNC said...

Mike's right. You can't possibly put any faith in a statement that begins with "Didn't Bush say - ". Bush is a liar who has thrown away his credibility and can't be taken at his word.

Jack Mercer said...

I guess I am not as good at reading intent as you guys are. I usually just deal with statements and actions. I always left "intent" to the discovery process, and the court of public opinion is a little fickle. Not saying one way or the other--just what was said at the beginning and what is being talked about now.

Mike V. said...

windspike, it's like in Superman, the Movie!