Thursday, November 24, 2005

From Rachel Maddow's Site

"Republicans keep telling us that Congress had the same prewar intelligence as the White House, but that's demonstrably false. In fact, the White House is still withholding prewar intelligence!"
Her site has the source links.


Jack Mercer said...


This can be seen two ways (many things can).

If the Democrats did not have adequate intelligence then why did they overwhelmingly vote for the resolution? Sounds very irresponsible to me.


Mike of the North said...

Where the hell are they supposed to get information? I believe that the CIA et al are responsible to the white house and senate intel committee. Are you saying joe and joan average congress person should only vote when they have access to primary sources? Personally, I think they as big a group of war pigs as the repukes. The big difference is that the demods are at least willing to admit they made a mistake.

SheaNC said...

Jack, the point is not whether they had adequate intelligence; it is whether or not they had access to the same intelligence as the White House, as the Bush-Cheney crime organization keeps claiming. Obviously, they did not.

You often seem to imply that the democrats' votes for war should serve to justify the war to those of us who oppose it. Nope. All it means is that the democrats were wrong, too.

Besides, the quote says "congress", not "democrats". Wasn't congress controlled by republicans then, as it is now?