Monday, November 7, 2005

Its Good To Know Someone Is Keeping Track Of...

...The Bush/GOP Outrages Archives


Jack Mercer said...

Ha! Shea, I think that there are MANY keeping track. Pop over to this link and let me know what you think:


P.S cute hedgehogs!

Jack Mercer said...

Oh also, one of my favorite quotes of late:

"Under Bush II, social spending has exploded to levels LBJ might envy, foreign aid has been doubled, pork-at-every-meal has become the GOP diet of choice, surpluses have vanished, and the deficit is soaring back toward 5% of GDP. Bill Clinton is starting to look like Barry Goldwater."

Let me know if you want to read the whole article


SheaNC said...

I'll check out your link, Jack, and comment over there.