Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dick Gets Hard on Critics

Dick Cheney's attempt to deflect attention away from the documented proof that he and his associates lied profusely in order to sell their invasion of Iraq, is almost comical. Unfortunately, it is real life, and a lot of innocent blood has been shed because of those lies. Now, Cheney pulls out the stops and lets loose another of his flatulent outbursts of neocon htypocrisy, claiming that anyone who cites examples of the Bush administration's lies is "rewriting history".

Newsflash to Cheney: No one is "rewriting history". Revealing the lies of the Bush administration is not a re-write, it is a review - after all, we've been documenting these things for a long time. Perhaps they were re-writing history when they lied about this and lied about that. Here's a pdf link documenting 51 times Cheney lied about Iraq.

Which begs the question... or, is it twenty questions?


windspike said...


You win the best title award for today! I think we need to smack that Dick until he softens up a little eh? These folks of the w, Rove and Co have gall and balls to spare.

Thanks for your recent comments at my location.

SheaNC said...

Thanks - sometimes making up the title is the most fun!