Monday, November 21, 2005


Dick Cheney: "Those who advocate a sudden withdrawal from Iraq should answer a few simple questions," including whether the United States be "better off or worse off" with terror leaders such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Osama bin Laden, or Ayman al-Zawahiri in control.

Oh please, give me a break. Dick Cheney has absolutely zero credibility talking about Osama bin Laden or anyone else. Dick Cheney is part of the same gang of liars who stated that they don't even care about bin Laden. He means nothing to them, except for this: they never wanted him to be caught because, among other things, he is a valuable part of their team: every time they're in trouble, they need only speak his name, and voila! They can scare everyone into writing them another blank check.

Dickface Cheney has cried wolf too many times. He pisses on the graves of American soldiers by evoking names like "Osama bin Laden", while at the same time employing bin Laden as a marketing tool. This guy is sickeningly shameful, and an embarrassment to the country. Soldiers, their families, and patriots of all kinds should want to kick Dick Cheney's deferment-protected ass from here to Iraq.


Rick said...

You do not speak for soldiers, their families or patriots.

Mike of the North said...

Hey Dick, I mean rick. I speak for patriots through out america when I say,

"Fuck off and die with your head stuck in a pile of cheny's shit, for daring to question sheaNC's patriotism!"

Somebody should rip your pitiful head from your shoulders, it's obvious you aren't using for anything but brown nosing the corporate fascists that run our govt'.

Rick said...

You need to get your manifesto published and get out of that cabin.

SheaNC said...

Ha! Rick always says the same thing - "you don't speak for soldiers, their familes, their dogs, their cats, their goldfish, their republican senators' gay lovers, their mailmen, their oxycontin suppliers..."

Guys like Rick, pathetic moron that he is, serve a valuable purpose: they offer demonstrated proof that we are correct!

Mike of the North said...

Well, he's right about one thing... I do need to get my manifesto published and get out of the cabin!

The revolution is comin' baby and the first ones up against the wall are going to be the "love it or leave it" IDIOTS!!! like rick.

Rick said...

Wit and cleverness always trump rage. Kudos to you.

SheaNC said...

Hey, I should write a manifesto. Um... isn't a manifesto something you wear with an Italian suit?

Mike V. said...

no, that's an innuendo.. :)

BTW, see my last clever post over to my place.

windspike said...


The Big Dick is easy to refute. Why is it that Rick hasn't suggested the Big Dick can't speak for the soldiers either? Incidentially, Shea, I thought you were speaking for yourself, no?

Of intrest to note, Rick does not suggest he is a soldier, family or patriot. This is a common Rovian Tactic, by the way. Just don't look under his skirt, you might see him for who she really is.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Pretty normal for a right wing-nut.
Leave a comment and an anon tag or a phony name so ya can't get to their blog.

Fuckin' chicken-shit chickenhawk!

Mike of the North said...

I'm still workin' on that "wit and cleverness,,," thing.

Was it supposed to be an insult or did he say that I'm smarter than him?

Time to go back into the cabin...

Or to quote a wise sage..."Fuckin' chicken-shit chickenhawk!"