Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pot Calls Kettle Black (includes update)

Bush accuses critics of the war against Iraq of trying to "rewrite history". This, from the lying-est president ever. Is anyone still buying this load of crap? Apparently, not as many as before! Ha! Even a quarter of the republicans polled say Cheney is dishonest! Where the fucking hell were they when we were telling them this over and over again since the year two-fucking-thousand!!?
UPDATE: A good article here, too (a quick read) about the hypocrite-in-chief.


Mike V. said...

How spot on is Tom Tomorrow pretty much 100 percent of the time?
Love that guy.

SheaNC said...

Yeah, in fact, you know how they say that Jon Stewart and The Daily Show present more accurate news than the mainstreat media? The same goes for Tom Tomorrow 8^)