Saturday, November 19, 2005

Liars, Liars, Liars (updated)

Bush is a Liar.
Cheney is a Liar.
Rumsfeld is a Liar.
And that's just some of the gang. The fact that their supporters can lend any credibility whatsoever to this government of crooks is just plain sad. For awhile it was shocking. Then it become incredible, and then developed into the ridiculous. Now it is just plain sad. Blind loyalty to liars and thieves, and for what? Because those lies are ehat they want to hear? How pathetic.


Grandpa Eddie said...

They lied to get the war going. Then they lied to cover up those lies. Then, once again, they lied about the lies they used to cover up the original lies.

This whole mis-administration is founded on lies and deceit. That is all they know, and is all they will continue to do to be able to stay in power.

windspike said...

Really, they are doing more than just lying. I think Moxie Grrl coined the phrase, or some other blogger - "presidential malpractice." They should be sued for it.

More than that, they are pissing in the wind and unfortunately everybody else is down wind as well.

Mike V. said...

good point, windspike.
pissing into the wind, wiping their ass with the Bill Of Rights, beating the working class over the head, etc..
what a bunch of guys, huh?