Sunday, November 13, 2005

Beware the Tricksters

This story about a secret memo is getting some attention, but beware, I say: A new “terrorist” attack, orchestrated by the partners-of-Bin-Laden-neocon-republicans, is exactly what I would expect the neocons to do, based up on their record. Having said that, it’s still sketchy as to whether that memo is real. It’s just like them, and it follows their pattern, but I am uncomfortable with the “secret memo” thing. The author of that article needs to produce legitimate documented proof; then it could be used to seriously kick the ass of the necon regime. If the memo turns out to be baseless, it becomes serious damage. Remember, this is exactly what happened with the CBS News “fake memo”. It smells of a Karl Rove trick - issue an anti-republican “secret memo”, then expose it as a fake, then howl about the left and accuse them of producing the memo themselves - the damage done by the accusations of forgery far outstrip whatever sort of diabolical activities the “right” gets up to during the resulting melee, creating a distraction and allowing them to do all sort of evil shit while everyone is busy blaming the messenger. Meanwhile, the real source of the memo is never revealed, is it? Does any know or care who actually created the false documents that CBS/Dan Rather used as a source, and that "conservatives" howl about, every single time we reveal a republican lie?

It appears Buzzflash agrees! Beware, my friends... the republican party is going to resort to their tried-and-true method fear-mongering to rally support for their failed government. I'll bet you they are planning another terrorist attack.

Another source.

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windspike said...

As Golllum would say, "Tricksy, these hobbits are so tricksy." Too bad they are not as benevolent as Hobbits.