Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Why Do I Bother With Those Guys?

It's hard to like the Democrats sometimes. For a while, I almost thought they might stop being republican-war-monger-wannabes.
They have bought into the Karl Rove argument that might makes right. And they are also accepting Rove's analysis that real men don't question war, only wimpy liberals do. Senator Hillary Clinton of New York endorses the same Rovian analysis. As long as Democrats accept that premise, Republicans win and Democrats lose.
New party, anyone?


Sar said...

It's as if the Democratic leaders are suffering from abused-spouse syndrome. They take the beating, don't speak up, and subject themselves to further harrassment through their obvious weakness. Somewhere in the catacombs of their minds they know this isn't right, but they've been so brainwashed, the little fight they put up in defense is immediately quashed. We need a grand scale national therapist to wake up the Democratic leaders and remind them that they were elected to stand up for and represent us, not stand with their forearms crossed in front of their winced faces in anticipation of the next GOP led brow beating.

(another great picture find, btw!)

SheaNC said...

The Green party looks better and better to me.

Brian said...

The Green Party does look nice, but once in power will do anything to keep it. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but in Germany, in the mid-90s, the Foreign Minister (a Green) supported going to war in Kosovo despite the outcries of his constituency. There were riots in the streets.

Maybe we need a new system that does not rely on parties, or any elections or governments for that matter.

SheaNC said...

Brian, that's a very good point. I have long thought that political parties are one of our (the citizens) biggest obstacles. Their allegiance is to the party organization instead of to us. I should have said that "Anarchy is looking better and better to me!" Thanks for stopping by.

Sar said...

You know, the exchange going on over at our place (whew!) has been really enlightening, and it strikes me that it is the alliegence to party lines that's divisional moreso than the defense of one's own ideals. Calling someone liberal with the same venom as if calling them a social deviant for example.

I'm not sure what it is or how it can be achieved, but change is desparately needed to heal the division that is in fact causing further division amongst us. How have our fellow citizens become our sworn enemies? I think we all agree the war on terror is necessary and it's disappointing that the leadership (or lack thereof) in the country has seen fit to foster this division instead of working to install a common goal with appropriate measures to achieve it.

(sorry that turned into a bit of a rant there.)

SheaNC said...

Sar, you can rant all you want to here - this is rant station central! I feel myself returning to my independent, non-partisan roots. You're right about the divisiveness - too many people at war with each other for hate's sake in this country.