Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More From The (Anti-)Liberal Media

Watchout, Comcast users...
It seems that the folks who run the campaign at have been experiencing some technical difficulty. Amazingly, anyone who has Comcast as their internet provider is unable to receive email from them.
And Also...
Comcast (owned by the billionaire Roberts family of Philadelphia) is the largest provider of cable TV service in the country. Comcast provides service to 23.4 million homes or about 40% of all those who have cable. Comcast has raised cable rates by 8% in hundreds of communities while it refuses to increase workers wages even half that amount. Comcast systematically denies workers the right to organize unions, distributing videos and literature that contain untruthful information about unions during organizing drives and supporting discipline and firing of workers who are involved in organizing. When workers do organize unions, Comcast delays the bargaining of first contracts and has even refused to honor existing bargaining agreements and legal obligations to negotiate changes in wages or working conditions. Meanwhile, Comcast pays its top executives exorbitant bonuses and stock options and guarantees their employment security in written contracts.

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