Sunday, July 31, 2005

What's Their Problem, Anyway?

Once again, I have to ask, why are opponents of "gay marriage" opposed to it? In the story Measures seek to ban gay marriage, it is again an issue... why? What are they afraid of? How is traditional marriage "threatened"?

I know that some base their opposition to it on their religious beliefs. But in America, we are not supposed to turn one faction's religious beliefs into law, are we? ("Wishful thinking," reply the ghosts of Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine)

A more likely scenario is that it is money-based. Insurance companies don't want to pay out to ayone they don't already have to. Blood relatives don't want inheritances to go to anyone they don't approve of, either. And so on. In the story, it notes that:
"[The anti-gay-marriage legislation] voids and restricts registered domestic partner rights and obligations for certain same-sex and heterosexual couples... rights in several areas would be voided, including property ownership and transfer, inheritance, child custody and support and child adoption, medical decisions, and health and death benefits."
The story also mentions a group called So I sent the following email to that group:
I am interesting in finding out what traditional marriage needs to be protected from. Gay marriage does not threaten traditional marriage in any way. No group has yet been able to define what traditional marriage needs protection from. Can you please provide this information?
I can hardly wait to get their reply! In the meantime, my ongoing challenge stands: Can anyone tell me why traditional marriage is threatened by gay marriage?


Jack Mercer said...


You and I agree once again, man!

Actually, I don't think that marriage should be the jurisdiction of government in any form or fashion. I think it is a tool of socialism to meddle in social affairs one way or the other. Unfortunately we have allowed lawyers and politicians to intrude on what should be in the very least a social issue and in the most a sacred.

Like you I hardly see homosexual marriage as becoming a threat when only 2-5% of our population is homosexual, and, like you said--how does it threaten straight marriage?

With you on this one.


Nedhead said...

It's all about fear. Fear of that which is different.

Jack Mercer said...

Not all, Ned, some people have moral reservations, and personal morality is not always all about fear.

(Although I'm sure it does apply to some!)


windspike said...

I have often wondered the same things, particularly what part of heterosexual marriage is so dysfunctional that it requires state or federal intervention/protection.

Perhaps it is the idea that if two gay guys partner up they will have twice as much disposible income so they will drive up home values in any neighborhood they choose to reside in...? DINKS and Gay - Zoiks!

SheaNC said...

Like Jack (surprise, world!), I've never been comfortable with the government meddling in such an intimate relationship as marriage... just one more way for the state to collect a fee, and exercise more control than necessary, I think.

via said...

I don't feel in the least threatened by gay marriage. Of course, Mr. via and I were married in Sweden, so we probably aren't even considered legal........we are certainly common law after 31 years, though.....common as dirt, my Irish grandmother would have said!

Unadulterated Underdog said...

I believe the opponents of gay marriage are opposed to it because they are opposed to others who are not carbon copies of their beliefs. That seems to be the general reasoning in my native Oklahoma at the very least.

Ken Grandlund said...

C'mon Shae...don't you KNOW that once the door is opened, we'll all go running out to find a same sex lover?