Saturday, July 2, 2005

Are You a Potential "EscapeArtist?"

Are you tired of reichwingers telling you to "love it or leave it?" Fed up with being told that, if you don't like the direction the neocons are taking the country, you should "go back to France?" - and, deep down, are you wishing you could? Well, dig this, truth-seekers: EscapeArtist is dedicated to helping the dream become reality. I'm saving this one!

And, check out this blurb from Escape from America magazine:
Restart Your Life Overseas? ...Why Not? If you want to restart your life in a new country our magazines are the place to fuel your jet. Our eZines have original ideas on exotic offshore real estate, overseas jobs, overseas retirement, offshore investments, escape routes, important contacts, and a wide range of resources for living a superior lifestyle free from oppression, crime and idiocy.
The world awaits!

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