Saturday, July 9, 2005

London Calling

It's about time I comment on the recent London bombings. Bush's response was the same old lie, saying that he'll track down the perpetrators. Right. Him and OJ Simpson are a regular Starsky and Hutch. Osama Bin Forgotten, indeed.

I want to offer, again, a favorite article called Why Do They Hate Us? which explains what Bush and his followers can't comprehend (or refuse to admit). Excerpt:
"...the security apparatus of this nation has been engaged in undermining freedom and democracy in other parts of the world, which have included the Middle East, among other regions, for the purpose of maintaining and expanding the power and fortunes of the privileged class. Furthermore, Americans have been lied to for decades by the government and our so-called free press concerning the basis and justification for these interventions. When I was first exposed to such information, my reaction was typical of most Americans, I did not want to believe it. I still wish it were not true, but there is no honor in burying your head in the sand. Past violations of the rights of other nations and indigenous peoples must be acknowledged and redressed, and we must prevent the occurrence of future indignity and loss of life. In short, if we are unwilling to acknowledge the darker periods of our history, we are not only doomed to repeat it, but we may find we are doomed by it as the thousands who died in New York City on 9/11/2001. [and in London recently - snc].

"In light of our history of interference with the politics, economy and society of regions like the Middle East, the answer to the question, "why do they hate us?" is not the coy yet typical response of our leaders... Rather it is that "they hate us" because we have attacked them. Our security apparatus has been engaged in military attacks, assassinations, and political and economic manipulation upon other sovereign nations that continues to this day. The people of the Middle East have been denied their natural political, economic and social evolution because of outside interference funded by U.S. tax dollars for several decades. However, as 9/11 [and the London incident - snc] indicates, those who have nothing to lose, have everything to gain by attacking their oppressors."
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Moniekie said...

Sure it is awful what happened in London. No justification possible. But it IS sour to realize that at least 22787 people (civilians I must add!) have been killed in Iraq in some 800 days. That is 28 deaths a day. "One London in two days" and no G8 was interrupted unless a western embassy or hotel filled with western journalists was involved. More can be read on There is something wrong with the way so many western people think!

SheaNC said...

Too true. If only they could see things from the other side, too.

Sar said...

It's uncomprehendible to me how the administration is still jaw-dropped shocked that the Iraqi's didn't welcome the ongoing onslaught of US-led bombs, air raids and further attacks with open arms.

Sorry, I know you posted on London, but hey - it's rant central here after all! ;)

SheaNC said...

Yes it is! Here we rant with abandon! Rant like the wind! Argh! And by the way, you're correct ;)