Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Timeless Tradition of Vile, Loathsome, Contemptible Pigs Who Own The World

Dick Cheney (R-LyingSackofShit), doing what he does best: Lying his ass off in order to rape whole nations, kill and maim countless innocent people (including children), and secure vast profits in blood money for himself and his war profiteer fascist cronies. This snarling, hunchbacked, hypocritical liar is beneath contempt, and those who support him and his government, after all they have done, are no better.

This is the republican party. These are the lying criminals who promised to "restore honor and dignity" to the White House. Now republican bloggers are whining and wailing because they can't face themselves or what they have done to the world. Well, live with it, repukes: Thanks to you, this is the face of conservatism.

(Here's another recent article about this depraved monster.)

1 comment:

azgoddess said...

ok, let me guess - you're mad at mr. fuck-face cheney

and why this time?? cuz he uses his gun too often???

at least he's not reproducing..oh yea, he did and what - gay?? naaa

anyways - i feel your pain!!!