Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random Thoughts and Two-Minute Takes

  • I’m predicting gasoline prices will go down to $1.95 per gallon before the election, as republicans utilize their tried-and-true campaign strategy of bread and circuses.

  • Will electronic voting machines be used to steal the election(s) again? I'm hoping not, but expecting they will. Helped along, of course, by the fact that we progressives have no political party to oppose the repukes except for the democrats, the Ed Macmahon of political parties.

  • Why doesn't Angeledes run ads detailing Schartzenegger's corruption? There's certainly no shortage of sources (like here and here). Instead, he runs the same, lame ad about Schwarzenegger supporting George Bush in 2004. Like that is a @#$%^ revelation. Way to win over those swing voters, Phil. Why does the only viable opposition party in the nation seem to want to lose elections?

    Granny said...

    I thought the Angelides ad was clever and funny but I'm about ready for a new one.

    I'm much more disgusted with ads against my old buddy, Jerry Brown.

    SheaNC said...

    Oh, you're right... those ads sound like they were written by Herr Limbaugh himself!