Thursday, September 14, 2006

From Usenet:

"I would much rather be called a Commie Liberal than a Fascist Nazi."

Me, too.


windspike said...

Yes, yes.

azgoddess said...

crack me up - so true!!

Mike V. said...

hehe, I love usenet.

what's funny is that anyone that can read a dictionary can see for themselves that fascism has a HELL Of a lot more in common with BushCO. than commie does with those of us that are progressive.

If someone can find a post of mine where I advocate that the state runs all of the means of production and that there would be no private property, I will eat my shoes..

Mike of the North said...
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Mike of the North said...

mike v.,
Does private property mean my "STUFF" , or is it thousands upon thousands of acres appropriated from family farms for the express purpose of the enrichment and continuation of a corporate "person"? If by private property you mean the things you need to keep your family safe and well fed then more power to you. If it is merely the accumulation of excess material goods that only serve to enrich corporations and feed an artifically induced hunger in you, then I am against it.

As far as the state owning all of the means of production, that's where the line between facism, capitalism and communism becomes blurred in my mind. As far as I can tell in amerika as it exists today, corporations are the state, and since corporations own the means of production, then the state owns the means of production. Is it communism, is it facism? I don't know anymore. I do know it ain't a govt " the people for the people."

Granny said...

Very true.