Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coup-Coup, Coup-Coup...

Throughout my life, the same recurring news item has popped so often it has become a stereotype: in some third-world country, a government is overthrown in a military coup. A high-ranking military leader annouces they have taken control of the nation of Whatsitstan. It's hardly noticed when it happens. It's practically expected. Still, it is usually confined to small countries that are more or less bit-players on the world stage. Not always, but ususally.

So, how do you think it makes me feel when a bunch of military leaders get together and smack the Bush regime in the kneecaps over their asinine warmongering? I'll tell you - you could knock me over with a feather... and they could knock the country over with a military coup, if they felt like it.

Hey, these guys aren't the whole team, you know... they're just a few of the current- and former- military who hold a dim view of the neocons' global bloodlust. Not everyone's soul is for sale, even those whose desire to defend their country was perverted into being stormtroopers and cannon fodder for the Halliban.

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