Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random Headlines About My Recurring Nightmare

The myth of fair elections.
"The debacle surrounding the Republican victory in 2000 demonstrated to the world that America's electoral process is wide open to abuse. But as Paul Harris discovers, the system has actually worsened since then."

More problems on the horizon.
Quick Summary: Tons of trouble.

Center for Information Technology Policy » Voting Videos
Quick Summary: Even more tons of trouble.

Is voting dead in America? My wife and I will vote absentee, until they figure out how to take that away from us, too.


Mike V. said...

That shit is scary.

Watch 'n Wait said...

I'm with you, Shea. Mail-in ballots in this house too. And yes Mike, it is scary...and getting moreso every day...and it makes me extremely angry.

azgoddess said...

yea..i vote absentee also...

and i wonder if they even count it sometimes..sigh

but i have faith..that there will be an uprising in this country

if only we can figure out how to turn off everyone's tv at the same time...grin

Granny said...

We've voted permanent absentee for years. I love the CA law - no hassle, just do it.

Mike V. said...

read what Greg Palast has to say about vote counting in his last book.
diebold is the least of our worries..

The Beltway B@stard said...

Republican Maryland Governor Bob Erlich has been back peddling lately because of voting problems in the state.

He's even called a special assembly of the MD legislator to pass a law to allow paper ballots for the up coming MD Governors election.

It almost sounds like a gimmick when you hear it in the local news. Just something to look out for.

SheaNC said...

Hi, everyone. You are all correct: this stuff is scary, and absentee voting is the way to go. Maybe instead of voter registration drives, the Dems should be working on Vote Absentee drives!