Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apparently No Need for SSA to Cry SOS

I recently read that the Bush government has borrowed $177 billion from Social Security. Now, if Social Security is as broke as they said it was, how can they borrow $177 billion from it? Is this more proof that republicans are just incredible at math? They weren't lying to us, were they? I mean, they said it, and they have God on their side and everything. They spent a ton of money sending Bush on a road tour to convince us all that Social Security was going broke. And now they borrow $177 billion from it? I guess I'm just no good at math.


azgoddess said...

oh but you are good at math

it's just they have their own spcial kind of math -- it's called 'new math'

just like they have their own scientists that say there is no such thing as global warming

they are very 'special' people that need their own specialness

so i think we should give it to them -- in the form of a padded room - grin!

Mike V. said...

pretty neat trick, eh?

administrations have been fucking with SS for a long time.

my plan:

get it the hell out of the general fund.

remove the income cap. if you earn a paycheck, you pay into it based on your entire salary.
lower the percentage we pay into it by a factor that still allows the fund to be funded at an increased level than it is now based on the current rate.
this would put a little more pressure on those that can well afford it and would ease off the pressure on this very regressive tax.
for people in the lower income levels, it's a hell of a lot out of your paycheck.

SheaNC said...

And, maybe take away congress's and the president's salary-for-life plan, and replace it with social security. Then we'd see some fancy footwork..!