Sunday, May 1, 2005

The Battle Goes On

Ideals of Jefferson, Madison are fading
"With their allegiance firmly secured within the Republican Party, a number of conservative Christians like to point out the phrase 'separation between church and state' does not appear in the Constitution. While the phrase may not appear, the concept is hardly revisionist history recently adapted by a band of left-wing atheists."
Right-wing jihad
"If the DeLay wing gets its way, the entire nation will live according to the rigid rules of a handful of self-righteous folks who distrust modernity. They would dictate the way we worship, live, work, have sex and even die."
The moral bankruptcy of fundamentalism
"...To honor conservative Christians with the title of being 'Bible believing' is off the mark. They're fundamentalists all right -- market (not Christian) fundamentalists, obsessed with sexual ethics."
How long must we suffer the relentless onslaught of religious zealots who want to destroy this country and replace it with some twisted medievel theocracy?

Well, here's a bright side: believe it or not, there are also Christian Liberals out there (1, 2)!

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