Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Essentials - My Daily Reads

This is a revised version of the post I just put up recommending a site. I decided I should include my essential daily reading list. This is not intended to be a list of favorites that I frequently check; these are my absolutely essential daily reads:

Bartcop: This one is habit-forming. Anti-Bush, Bartcop correctly pointed out the failures occurring in the Democratic party leading up to the elect- er, the betrayal of 2004.

Buzzflash: THE ULTIMATE NEWS SOURCE!! My obvious favorite. If I had to choose only one site off of this list, it would be Buzzflash.

Alternet: A great place to find progressive news and opinion from a variety of sources.

Working for Change: Like Alternet, an excellent source of information gathered from many other sources.

Daily Talking Points: This link takes you to the archives so you can see what you've missed if you don't already know about this one. Ordinarily, I check the daily post here. These helped get me through 2004. Also, see their main site, the American Progress Action Fund.

Think Progress: A incredible blog put together by American Progress Action Fund, it is great - I'm jealous.

I also check these weekly:

Bush Watch: Another great compendium of information.

Tom Tomorrow: My favorite political cartoonist.

Molly Ivins: My favorite columnist.

I am open to suggestions, as I am sure there are many worthy sites I did not include. My own list of links includes many that I know I should check every day, but don't (I am limited by 24-hour days). Hey - it's all a work in progress!


Vavoom said...

A great suggestion, me likes! Thanks, Shea!

Mike of the North said...

In a pathetically obvious attempt at imitation I offer my list of daily reads.

Rense. com

This is the top of the list. As whacky as it is it is the most wide ranging and unfettered news source on the internet. Yes there are lots of things that I disagree with on the site. There are those sources that approach outright racism either against jews or against illegal immigrants. But by posting from these sources, questions are raised about how we look at the world.

This site often serves as the voice of the child that points out to all of us that indeed, the emperor is buck nekkid. I can safely say that other than NotThisTimeGeorge and Wonkette, every one of the sites that follow were found via Rense.

Besides this site keeps me up to date with the UFO and blood sucking Chupaccabras sightings.

Axis of Logic

A true breath of leftist fresh air! Not the watered down crap that the demos spout and the repukes think is leftist but real “ workers of the world” leftists. An excellent source of news abiut the Bolivarian revolution that is currently sweeping through South America. Hmm, don’t hear much about the commie threat down south now that we have our hands full with the muslim hordes do we?

Dissident Voice

Rather than try to describe this site I’ll use their title “ A Radical Newsletter in the Struggle for Peace and Justice.” A great roster of contributing writers keeps the fires of outrage fully stoked ( whatever the f*#k that means)

By oversight not on my links list yet but soon will be. Again left of left and wide ranging with an impressive list of contributing aurthors

Constantly Amazed, Yet Never Surprised

And of course the best act is the closing one •

SheaNC said...

Excellent additions! I dig the sites that offer alternatives to the "R's" and the "D's"!

That last one... totally subversive.

Mike of the North said...

I guess I'm gonna have to try that spell chekin' gizmo out. ;)

romablog said...

working for change is a great site. for the longest time i thought it was called 'working for a change'