Thursday, May 5, 2005

96.6 Million More Reasons.

96.6 million more reasons why George Bush, Dick Cheney, & Co., are criminals.
Nearly $100 million in Iraqi reconstruction cash - which was supposed to be handed out by U.S. workers in shrink-wrapped bricks of new hundred-dollar bills - can't be accounted for... "We don't know where it is," Assistant Inspector General James Mitchell told Knight Ridder.
These are the best of the best, the Republican's finest we sent to Iraq... help the BFEE rob us blind.


Vavoom said...

What will it take for this administration to admit it has failed in Iraq. Only in my dreams can I see W speaking with a banner behind him that reads, "Ill Advised Mission Failed."

Mike of the North said...

This administration is never going to admit that it failed in anything that it has undertaken.

And having stated that I have to ask myself if it ever has failed?

I see a constant series of spectacular successes in it's effort to divide the american people, gut the environmental laws, enrich it's cronies, and generally do what ever the fuck they want to. Knowing full well that the american people will lie there and whimper while they abuse our backsides to their hearts content.

Charone said...