Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day: US Gov't Supports Troops through Lies and Propaganda

One of the most often-repeated mantras of right-wing bloggers is that the mainstream media are part of a liberal conspiracy to defame the "right." This laughable BS could not be further from the truth.

Lies Run Big, Facts Small in U.S. Media

Pat Tillman story? LIE. Jessica Lynch story? LIE. Anything the Bush/Cheney fascist regime tells you to secure your support through emotional and psychological manipulation? LIE.

Also for Memorial Day: find out who served and who didn't.

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And from the great Paul Krugman:
Staying What Course? (Why, the course to oblivion at the hands of the neocon murder-monkey, say I!)


Anonymous said...

Of course we all know the government concists of people hired by the people to carry out the will of the people.
When did government get he idea that it is supposed to tell us what we want?
Why did we let them get away with that?
When will we stop that backward governing process?
We hired them to work for us, not quibble amoungst them selves, and use us for personal gain.
The Age of Brotherly Love is a comin' and they had better get on board, or find a new occupation.


SheaNC said...

I hope you're right, Gary. I have a more pessimistic view, though. I think the industrial war machine will probably destroy us all before The Age of Brotherly Love can arrive... but I hope I'm wrong about that!