Monday, May 9, 2005

Tired of the Same Old Radio? (New Updates)

We all know Air America is great(R.I.P., Unfiltered). But, there are more choices out there, for those who need or want them. Here are a few I found with minimal effort:
Pacifica Radio
Unconservative Listening
Internet Radio for the Left
OpEd News' Progressive Radio/Media
Radio Left
Loud and proud, truthseekers!

UPDATE I: OMG!!! I am embarrased. I had a totally messed up link for Unconservative Listening. Sorry! It's fixed now!

UPDATE II: Before Air America and Democracy Radio it was a settled truth that talk-radio was right-wing territory. But in some form or other, progressive talk is here to stay.


Sar said...

Shea - good finds, and how very generous of you to do all the legwork for us lazy folks! :)

Vavoom said...

Pacifica has one of their flagship stations in Berkeley, just down the street. KPFA. One problem is that the station manager has really screwed up their programming line-up and people are always outside protesting that. In any case, another good source for good programming is through college radio. KALX in Berkeley is a fantastic station that offers some really great public affairs programming. They webcast, so that's also worth checking out. Nice post, Shea!

Mike of the North said...

Add to these the programs Counter Spin and Democracy Now.

I hesitate to add a third favorite of mine because you'll think me nuts. Like you can't tell already.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, I know what you're thinking, and yes it's that show that features discussions of Bigfoot and alien abductions.

But I have listened as George has evolved from a cheap replacement for Art Bell into a genuinely questioning individual who sees the elite elements of capitalism sucking the life out of the american ideal.

He's not afraid to question the govt's real reasons for being in iraq and to feature speakers that have alternative explanations of what happened on 911.

This from a radio host that is featured on nation wide radio. Unusual to say the least that someone with his base has the courage to ask these kinds of questions.

Besides that you might find out something about recent
sightings of blood sucking chupacabras too! :)

SheaNC said...

Thanks everyone! And Mike, I'll definitely check out George Noory. I dig the Art Bell-style paranormal programs. After all, I dated a blood sucking chupacabra in high school!