Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Quick Thought

Before I head out the door for work, a quick thought on the uproar over Kerry's joke in his speech to students: Screw Kerry. He betrayed millions of us by handing the 2004 presidential election to the neocons. He's an eloquent asshole, strongly defending the intent of his statement, but actions speak louder than words: if he's so damn smart, he wouldn't have phrased his criticism that way in the first place. Unless he is deliberately working towards Democrat losses, to further the aims of his Skull & Bones brethren.

I am saddened that any on the left still defend this bastard. He helped facilitate a fascist victory in 2004, and this latest statement is another typical example of Kerry's habit of helping Republicans win elections. It was a stupid statement, the backpeddling rationalizations don't work, and he has again damaged progressive political momentum. To hell with Kerry.


azgoddess said...

yea -- exactly what i've said..screw him - that rich white male bastard sold us out two years ago...i wonder if we were worth the money he got??

Mike V. said...

I sort of feel that way, then again..

For the most part, I agree that it was a dumbass thing to try and work into a joke, or whatever, but fuck Bush and the fucking administration.

They want KERRY to issue an apology? The same administration that started a war based on lies? That sent our men and women over there without all the necessary equipment, nor the appropriate amount of people?
The same administration that shocked and awe'd the motherfucker but had no plan to win the peace? "Stay the course" as a strategy?
Fuck them and their fucking apology.

SheaNC said...

I totally agree with that - the only thing Kerry needs to apologize for is conceding the election when there were hundreds of thousands of votes still uncounted. The Bush administration, on the other hand, owes the troops, their families, and the whole country an apology of astronomical proportions.

Laurie said...

Tucker Carlson said on CNN today that Kerry's comment was an answer to the GOP's prayers, and I think he's right. He was stupid for apologizing--if the public misunderstands you, you explain yourself. You don't backpedal the minute Hillary tells you to.

I read on another blog today a really good point: Who needs to apologize, Kerry, for suggesting that those joining the army will be stuck in Iraq indefinitely, thanks to the White House shenanigans, or George Bush, for making those atrocious, tacky "jokes" about the WMDs. ("Nope, not there, they must be somewhere.")

SheaNC said...


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I sort of stepped on your "turf" with my latest post, which I made before I read this. But you are 100% right. It's past time for John Kerry to be banished to "John Who?"

SheaNC said...

Future: I may have commented twice on your blog because I didn't see that it had moderation turned on, and I thought Blogger lost the comment. Shows how brilliant I can be with technology!

msliberty said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Thank you for this post.

Granny said...

I started to comment on this the other day but couldn't explain how I felt (which could be wrong of course).

Yes, it was one of his dumber moves and he doubtless hurt the party. That doesn't mean I disagree with him. I'd like to think though I'd have better sense than to blurt it out in that forum.

I remember Viet Nam and so, no doubt, does anyone of Kerry's generation. Kids were hiding out in college (the ones who weren't hiding in the TX National Guard) to avoid the draft. What Kerry said about staying in school certainly fit in VietNam. The kids who didn't became cannon fodder very quickly.

The Army is continuing to expand its recruiting practices and using questionable techniques to suck in the most gullible kids. Meantime, the children of the privileged (Jenna and not-Jenna for example) sit home in safety while their parents spout platitudes.

Mike of the North said...

Does Kerry have kids? I'll betcha if he does they aren't anywhere near Iraq. I'll go the next step tho' ...Kerry was right, anybody with a brain or a decent education isn't stuck in Iraq right now. The military preys on the lower classes and disadvantaged. The ones with a chance at independent thought that are sucked into the military because of financial concerns are quickly transformed into "yes sir, no sir" robots. The military doesn't tolerate independent thinkers.

Fuck Kerry! He is a tool of the corporate machine. The closest he's ever come to knowing what it's like to be one of the doomed is when he was being shot at in Vietnam. It didn't last long, he didn't die or suffer major physical wounds, and when he got back he didn't end up on the streets without a job or hope. He has absolutely no concept of what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck, to have no medical insurance, to be thankful for a freakin' bowl of oatmeal.

It doesn't matter what happens tuesday. The system is rigged. As long as we believe that we can change the system by participating in it we are doomed. The only real change comes when we act on a local level totally independent of the government. Change doesn't happpen because of government it happens in spite of it.

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