Friday, November 3, 2006

Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get More Bizarre

So, according to this article in Vanity Fair, the neocons are criticizing the Bush administration for screwing up their plans? The word "irony" doesn't really do it for this one. The building is comdemned, and the architects are mad at the contractors for their shoddy workmanship, without considering that maybe the design was flawed from the beginning, too.

The sad thing is that the neocons will keep on going in the belief that if only they could put together a team that would carry out their plans the right way, then everything would be okay. No matter that their ideology is doomed to failure. It's like, there is still a Nazi party and a Fascist party and so on, but those are just remnants of die-hard loonies. Eventually, the neocons will be relegated to that status, too, if they don't manage to kill us all first.

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