Saturday, November 11, 2006

Poetic Justice

Even though I grew up in deer-huntin' country, I'm always rootin' for the deer.
A deer being kept in a pen attacked and killed his owner Sunday, state police said... The buck that killed [him] was among about a half dozen deer penned up on his property
"his owner" !? Yeah, right! I think the deer showed the bastard who owns whom!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

You ain't wrong! When "baiting" was legal in Michigan, I always bought three or four huge jugs of perfume...the cheapest, stinkiest stuff I could find, and pour some on every bait pile I found. I always believed that if you need to shoot a deer while it's eating, then you don't need to eat deer!

Anonymous said...

I live in deer country (Hill Country, just west of Austin, TX) and I, too, always root for the deer. There is a herd that lives on my property and I am very protective of them. Absolutely no hunting allowed. Nice site you have here. Pleased to meet you.

Mike of the North said...

It's funny, I was always an anti hunting type until I started reading Joseph Cambell. His position that hunting was a natural part of the circle of life made a lot of sense to me.

It has always bugged me that people were willing to eat an animal if it was killed and prepared by someone else, yet at the same time they would look down on someone who hunted. Yeah, I know there are a lot of redneck fucks that only want to hunt because it makes their scrotums tighten up when they get to kill something, But in reality are they any less reprehensible than people that are willing to eat an animal that they have absolutely no connection to?

It's really easy to be an an anti hunting advocate while at the same time sashaying down to your local piggly-wiggly to get your fresh ground hamburger. It's my theory that there would be a lot less meat eaters in amerioca if everyone had to pluck and gut their own chickens.

p.s. It's always a hoot to see the hunted get the upper hand!

azgoddess said...

that is such a nice story -- too bad i know the outcome

um, the deer is not let go -- but killed


Mike V. said...

as a geek, I just want to say that that guy was totally pwned.

SheaNC said...

Future: Cool plan!

Hill Country Gal: Thanks, and the deers are glad we're on their side!

Mike Del Norte: I, too, am a carnivore, so I am okay with people who need to hunt for food, although I am growing increasingly revolted by the idea of eating animals. If it wasn't for my love of cheese, I could go vegan, I think. But I abhore sport hunting. Even if they eat it, they kill it for the sheer joy of killing. The hunters cannot protest if they become the hunted.

azgoddess: Sadly, probably true.

Mike V: Totally pwned is the worst kind of pwned there is.