Thursday, November 2, 2006


I just spent a hell of a long time composing an eloquent post about a vitally important subject. Then I accidentally deleted it. I am greatly bummed. Damn.

Well, that won't stop us, will it? Truthseekers: if you want to read a really great message about a truly important subject check out this post at Fuzzy and Blue, especialy this flash video. And try exploring the links you find when you google "depleted uranium" (also pictures and videos).

What it means is that we have been waging an aggressive nuclear war of conquest against the middle east for years (and yes, we used it in the Balkans during Clinton's presidency, too, and it was just as wrong then). "Spreading democracy"? More like "spreading demonically". America was once a beacon of hope, and now it stands for death from the skies. We open up the gates of hell and turn their babies into monsters. And our leaders try to tell us "they hate us for our freedom". Right. Who wouldn't defend themselves however they could against this?


azgoddess said...

time to shut down our military industrial what can we set these people to work at?

oh i know, alternative energy!!!

Tina said...

Thanks so kindly for the hat tip... I just wish the subject matter were not so freakin depressing and horrifying.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

There is always a balance in war that asks, are the methods woth the outcome. And we seem to "F" up that balance so often...(:

msliberty said...

Deleted posts. I HATE it when I do that. :(

"Who wouldn't defend themselves however they could against this?"

I wish the American people would stand up and do more to defend ourselves, too.

Anonymous said...

I adore stumbling upon liberal sites through links. Beautiful blog. And political passion rocks my world. Nice to meet you.

SheaNC said...

azgoddess: if there's profit in it, they'll be there!

Tina: you're welcome... and I agree.

Future: Yes, sort of like the ends justifying the means.

msliberty: maybe, if they're pushed to the limit, they will... unfortunately, those of us who already wized up get dragged down to that point with 'em.

hillcountrygal: Hello, and thanks for the kind words. Welcome to my world... a neocon-free zone!