Sunday, November 5, 2006

Life Edited as a Reality Show

An headline in Sacramento's Sac Bee newspaper says:
Campaign 2006: GOP on the rebound
Republican Senate candidates have bounced back in two largely overlooked states, strengthening their party's chance to retain control of the U.S. Senate in Tuesday's elections, according to an exclusive series of McClatchy Newspapers-MSNBC polls.
A headline from Newsweek reads:
NEWSWEEK Poll: GOP Losing More Ground
Republican candidates are falling further behind Democratic rivals, according to the new NEWSWEEK poll.
If you watch reality shows like Amazing Race or whatever, you know that those shows are edited so that the end of the episode is portrayed as a suspensful, down-to-the-wire race to the finish between two contenders. These polls remind me of reality show editing. If only it were as simple as a footrace to the finish.

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