Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving posts always present a veritable cornucopia of possibilities (pun intended, I guess). Sure, there are the things we're thankful for, blah blah blah, what wine goes with tryptophan, parades, and the unique, singularly inescapable hell that is "family".

Well, one thing that thanksgiving seems to be truly about is food, and lots of it. Turkey, of course, or the hip alternative. Weird pies, things made out of green beans, "stuffing" (a term which always struck me as being a little curious, like something Vincent Price would offer during a meal: "Here, my dears, have some... stuffing).

Well, my saucy gastronomes, you're in luck! Because I am here to guide towards the lime-green light of truth known as The Gallery of Regrettable Food. Before you can truly appreciate what you have on your table this season, you MUST examine the gallery. Then, and only then, can you truly appreciate, and be thankful for, your Aunt Edna's Tuna Beet Mold.

Bon Appetit!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

LOL!! After viewing the "gallery", I may not be able to eat for a while.:) And don't bother passing the tofurkey or WTF ever it is!

Plain ole turkey, taters, stuffing, and gravy will do fine, thank you!

And I'm no expert on this....but I think "stuffing" may have evolved from sticking the stuff......well, you get the idea, I'm sure!:) But the word seems odd to me, as well. I always get this picture of my favorite teddy bear of long ago, with his "stuffing" hanging out.....

A VERY Happy Thanksgiving wish for you and yours!!

msliberty said...

Happy, peaceful Thanksgiving!

Boy am I glad that I viewed the gallery AFTER dinner. :)

windspike said...

Back at you Shea. Blog on.

Anonymous said...

So much for left overs ;p

Happy Thanksgiving Shea!

Watch 'n Wait said...

Shea...I may have to beat you, soon as I get my strength up! Those are gawdawful! :))

SheaNC said...

Future: And another thing... what makes stuffing different than dressing? Inside vs. outside? Or is one for ketchup users and the other for catsup users?

Ms Liberty: Thanks. And, anytime you feel unwanted hunger pangs, just explore the gallery... problem solved! (or new problem begun).

Windspike: Thanks, man! And to you 8^)

Beltway Bastard: Better to have "left"-overs than "right"-overs!

Watch 'n wait: Sorry, once you've been through the gallery of regrettable food, the damage is permanent. But, at least you'll never be unpleasantly surprised by weird off-colored food again!

Granny said...

Yeah, I think stuffing goes inside, dressing out. I made stuffin' muffins this year. My son saw them on Rachel Ray.

"They're everyday relics of another time, my parents' time, and this gives them a poignancy they do not deserve, and do nothing to earn. But I love them anyway."

That would be my generation and I remember a few of them turning up at potlucks.

I make the green bean casserole every year. The recipe is on the Fried Onion can and my Karo pecan pie comes straight from the Karo bottle.

Sorry I missed this post earlier. Bloglines has been acting up and half of the feeds aren't working.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes to WA and me. Mine was great and I think so was hers. She had grandchildren (or greats) around.

You and I never did manage to get together this summer but I haven't forgotten.

nunya said...

My sister helped this year. We laugh about the stuff she will still eat and the stuff I won't go near with a ten foot poll and won't make my daughter eat. One year at the grandparents house I was surprised at the appearance of somthing I had completely (understandably) forgotten about: The infamous lime jello-cottage cheese-cucumber-walnut-sour cream mold. My daughter sent me a note under the table as I nervously watched her serving being placed in front of her. My panic suddenly turned to stifled laughter as I read the note: "Mom, what the f is this shit?"

SheaNC said...

granny: Yup, the back of the label recipes are the classics.

nunya: I trust that if there was a canine in the house, it dined well under the table this year!

pissed off patricia said...

I am thankful that I didn't view this before thanksgiving. Hope yours was great.

azgoddess said...

well i'm sure behind the times...hope your day was fun filled and relative free -- like my pun?? grin

SheaNC said...

Thanks, Patricia & azgoddess. We survived!