Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Bush's Bosses

Bush says Rumsfeld, Cheney should stay - Yahoo! News:
"President Bush said Wednesday he wants Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney to remain with him until the end of his presidency, extending a job guarantee to two of the most-vilified members of his administration."
...because it's not his administration (duh!). Rumsfeld and Cheney are old cronies from the Nixon administration (you can google their bios), and are two of the architects of this neocon regime which was designed, in part, as vindication for the fall of Nixon and the damage that did to the Republican party. Of course he "wants them to stay"... they're in charge, not him! (I know we call it the "Bush administration", for lack of a better term. That's so people know what we're talking about).

Here's another great, short, article on the subject: After President Meets Reporters, Former Supporter Now Suggests He May Have 'Lost His Mind'


mariamaria said...

They should all get the boot!!

windspike said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing when i read this in the paper this AM Shea.

Blog on brother. Blog on all.

Anonymous said...

The High Court lost their minds when they gave him 2000 and the voting population lost their minds to let him keep it in 2004.

Throw in some voting fraud, scare tactics, and Fundies for good measure.

Hopefully a new Congress can wrestle the puppet strings away from the "Decider's" deciders.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The good news, if it can be called that his announcement, coming so soon after Kerry's F.U., neutralized that dipshit.

azgoddess said...

rumsfeld has one hand up baby bushes ass and cheney the other...that's how they opperate the puppet!! smile

SheaNC said...

mariamaria: YesYes :)

Windspike: Indeed! Bloggin' on with a vengeance...

Beltway B: Looking forward to impeachment!

Future: Yeah, sometimes it seems he works for our side, too.

azgoddess: Such a complicated method for such a simple puppet, too!