Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Frist on High Gas Prices: It’s Clinton’s Fault

Bill Frist is one of the stupidest fucking assholes on the planet.


windspike said...

Okay, what's the statute of limitations on playing the "blame game" (which I remind you the W, Rove and Co suggest we shant play) when it involves a prior administration? How about well into your second term as president. The most immediate past term was you...so, the finger must point up one's own nose, no?

Oh, I concur Shea...OotSFAOTB.

Watch 'n Wait said...

Shea...Tell you what, there's no way that guy would ever be allowed to touch me if I were a patient. Gawd! He's as bad as Stephen Cambone, far as intelligence goes. Neither knows the meaning of the word. Doubt they could spell it.

Canada cousin says he's willing to answer anything we'd want to know, bless his heart. Glad you found his reply informative. I'm thinking that the sooner we have a similar program, the better.

Simon said...

HAHAHA! Oh that is rich! Well, again, I hope (pray) that the ever lowering opinion polls show that more and more are not buying this BS. My sincere hope is that they continue to beat that drum, on everything. The more they do, the more idiotic they sound. In fact, I hope they say it so much, that we reach the point that no one is listening to them. And then finally, I can turn to those few republican friends and family members (and they are few), and finally say:


Then the healing can begin. ;)

Mike of the North said...

"Bill Frist is one of the stupidest fucking assholes on the planet."

My god SheaNC. I never thought I'd hear you make such a ringing endorsement of frist as our next president!

Travis said...
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