Saturday, May 20, 2006

Like I Said So Many Times... "Conquest"

Any of the poor gullible sods who think we are "bringing democracy to Iraq" are sadly mistaken.

The new American embassy in Iraq
The fortress-like compound rising beside the Tigris River here will be the largest of its kind in the world, the size of Vatican City, with the population of a small town, its own defense force, self-contained power and water, and a precarious perch at the heart of Iraq’s turbulent future.

“The presence of a massive U.S. embassy — by far the largest in the world — co-located in the Green Zone with the Iraqi government is seen by Iraqis as an indication of who actually exercises power in their country,” the International Crisis Group, a European-based research group, said in one of its periodic reports on Iraq.

The designs aren’t publicly available, but the Senate report makes clear it will be a self-sufficient and “hardened” domain, to function in the midst of Baghdad power outages, water shortages and continuing turmoil.

It will have its own water wells, electricity plant and wastewater-treatment facility, “systems to allow 100 percent independence from city utilities,” says the report, the most authoritative open source on the embassy plans.

Besides two major diplomatic office buildings, homes for the ambassador and his deputy, and the apartment buildings for staff, the compound will offer a swimming pool, gym, commissary, food court and American Club, all housed in a recreation building.

Security, overseen by U.S. Marines, will be extraordinary: setbacks and perimeter no-go areas that will be especially deep, structures reinforced to 2.5-times the standard, and five high-security entrances, plus an emergency entrance-exit, the Senate report says.
I find it sickening that my tax dollars are used for global conquest.


Granny said...

Think we're leaving anytime soon?

SheaNC said...

I am convinced that the neocons want permanent control of the middle east, politically, militarily, economically, and otherwise. They don't itend to leave, but they may provoke a nuclear boot large enough to kick us out.

Vigilante said...

Photographing this monument to our American Empire is informally forbidden.

You know what that means?

That means we have to ferret them out and publish...publish... and publish!

windspike said...

Puts a new neo-con face on empire building doesn't it? Have a look at this view of one vet if you want to extend your sick feeling for a little while longer:

Worried said...

The principles of corporate imperialism or elite imperialism have been around for a long time. The present push for American imperialism was plotted several decades ago. Read "The Thirty Year Itch" at , the source for a planned post on my blog. . And don't forget, a long time ago Kissinger declared that oil was much too important a commodity to be left in the hands of the Arabs. This take over has been in the works, stealthily, in increments, for decades.

SheaNC said...

Agreed, Worried, it has been. When I consider the power the Imperialists have acquired over the years, I am overwhelmed to the point that I feel my voice is of no consequence.

Still, I must cry out in anguish!

Mike V. said...

on the subject of Iraq, have you seen Baghdad ER on HBO?

if ever there was "must see TV", that would be it..

SheaNC said...

I haven't, but I will try!

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