Sunday, May 21, 2006

Veeeerrrrry Interesting...

...even if it is whining from the right.

It's a great article by a conservative journalist, or one who claims to be conservative at least, bemoaning at great length about the failures of Bush, and of the Republican party on general. The article, Bush's Base Betrayal, is chock-full of delicious regrets and lamentations by a right-wing apologist who tries to make a great case for their being so incredibly wrong about everything; too many to list, please check out the article.

Their bottom line these days is that Bush is not conservative, nor are any of the conservative congressmen the conservatives elected to office.

Ordinarily, you would expect me to say, "Ha ha, another example of yet another wingnut finally realizing how wrong they were," or maybe, "Ah! Justice is served, we have been proven correct all along," but no. Not this time. I've had it. I am fed up.

I am fed up with these poor whining asinine cry-me-a-river "conservatives" who spent twenty-plus years spewing bile about how fucking superior they are, how all their ideas come directly from God, how all their candidates are divinely infallible, how they and only they know what is right and what is wrong and what patriotism is and what treason is and what lies are and what character is and what matters.

They swore up and down, they proclaimed far and wide, that they would restore honor and dignity to the white house, defend our constitution, balance the budget, and on and on ad nauseum.

Their supporters called us traitors and America haters and accused us of helping the terrorists.

And so they won the day (how they won is still in dispute, but that's a different post). And what did we get for our trouble? What priceless gems of political change did the conservatives bless us all with?

The most vile, disgusting, loathsome, contemptible, diabolical cesspool of corruption and this nation has ever known. And that is an understatement.

There has been a lot of regret from the right these days, and all of it takes the same positition as the author of the article cited above:
The main cause of conservatives' anger with Bush is this: He talked like a conservative to win our votes but never governed like a conservative.
Oh, please! Here's what they're saying: "He lied to us! He lied to us! He said he loved us but now he acts like he wants to break up and... wwaahhh!"

Well, too bad conservatives, too bad, too little, too late. The problems you've caused are your responsibility, and you can't squirm your way out of it by claiming the head lemming led you astray. You own it. You knew exactly what you were voting for. You don't like the results? Guess what: conservatives put these criminal bastards into power and kept them there. Conservatives did it. Remember 2004?

A war of choice, started by America, with no end in sight, based on lies. A huge budget surplus turned in to an even greater deficit. America's reputation abroad irrevocably soiled. Hundreds of thousands dead and maimed and crippled for life. Constitutional protections and freedoms trampled underfoot. Insults to our environment, to our very lives. Yes, these problems are conservatives' fault, not the fault of Republican faux-conservatives or "rinos" who are now conveniently available for accusation.

Or, were you conservatives just a bunch of gullible saps who are so easily swayed by the inane ranting of the drug-addled, opiate-addicted voice of your party on talk radio, and the rest of his hissing choir of serpentine character assassins and liars, that you will flush all reason down the crapper and make fear and ignorance the crowning virtues of your conservative vote? Were you so easily fooled? Are you gullible or stupid or lying? Experience would suggest the latter. Either way, it appears that conservatives cannot even be trusted with their votes.


Granny said...

I was going to bed and decided to check bloglines on the way.

One could almost feel sorry for this poor slob. Almost.

I certainly don't want what is obviously an agenda of bigotry and religious fanaticism to succeed which is what he's aiming for.

Interesting article. I'll go back in the a.m. and read it more closely. I get the WaPo on line but some days I just don't get around to reading it.

Good night again.

Kerry R. Fox said...

SheaNC Says:
May 21st, 2006 at 11:08 pm e
Hey, Kerry! Long time no… read. I lost track of you when the old “Cut To” blog stopped, but I am glad to see you are still at it.

I see you are devoting a lot of posts to the illegal immigration issue. It’s funny, that’s the same topic that I first commented on in the old blog. The topic certainly hasn’t gone away - it has definately become more important to more people than evere before.

My opinions on the subject haven’t changed too much. I still think that illegal immigration could be addressed much more effectively if more emphasis were put on the employers who illegally hire illegal immigrants. Until they are included in the equation, it will be impossible to really solve the problem.

Good to hear from you. I'm back with my old site,, and I've also added another, I'm putting most of my energy into the audiocast at these days, just to get my radio fix in. Naturally, the subject matter zeroes in on our incredibly crooked president and his evil minions.

I DO recall you mentioned the companies that hire illegals as being the biggest part of the problem (you'll note that the treasonous senate is working on giving the employers amnesty as well in this "comprehensive immigration package they are currently working on). I suggest, as well, that subsidized housing, free medical care, food stamps and welfare provide other incentives for illegals to come here. Heck... take away these things and there isn't even a need for a wall.

Bush and our "leaders" know this. But keeping the illegals out is not their motivation. Making them "legal" and getting tens of millions more into the country to water down wages IS their motivation.

Anyway... glad to hear from you. I can't believe you were not in the NewsMinute and KFL blogroll. Thought I had it in there. But... I have rectified this...:-)

Let me hear from you again



Mike V. said...

yea, I love the conservatives that are making noise about Bush now.
christ, he's had PNAC up his ass well before the stolen election, they did in fact know what they were getting.

about the only ones that I can give any quarter to are conservatives that I feel are admirable people to begin with like George Will and Jack Kemp.
because they are true conservatives and have been critical of Bush quite a bit from the beginning, particularly the former.

SheaNC said...

It's true, they're out there. Kerry Fox above, is a libertarian conservative who has been highly critical of the Bush regime all along... his material is well worth checking out.

Mike of the North said...

Yahoooo,sheanc!!!! Tell it like it is bro. About half the time I feel like the only way out of this mess is to have a revolution and then check the party roles and line all the repukes up against the wall. No matter how they try to "distance" themselves from this f#%king mess it all comes back to the fact that they voted for this puke administration.

By the way I'm a left wing blogger and yes I'm pissed and vulgar so shove it up your A##!!! MSM.

windspike said...

Oh, my....good rant, Shea. I'm linking up.

Jeremy said...

Very well said, nice job. Right now I don't even try to convince Republican voters otherwise. I say, "you caused this to happen. Look around at whats going on. You made this shit sandwich, you fucking EAT IT."

SheaNC said...

Thanks, all. This was written while I was trying to be nice to them. 8^)

windspike said...

...being nice? hence the banging head on your avitar....

SheaNC said...

Ow... ow.... ow... ow...ow...

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