Sunday, March 20, 2005

Old News?

Sometimes, things just keep getting weirder.

It has already been discussed how journalists who are too critical of the BFEE seem to meet an untimely end (1, 2). Then, Hunter S. Thompson checks out, leaving many to ask why.

Thompson was critical of the Bush regime from way back, as in this interview, and he may have had knowledge of some bad things that happened, the revelation of which is unwelcome by those powerful people involved (here's more about the Franklin coverup).

Hey, I'm just sayin', you know? Just sayin'. I'm never surprised.

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Simon said...

*best maphia accent* Hey... hey... accidents happen, ya know, he coulda fell down and hurt himself. Or maybe... ya know, fallen on a sharp stick 32 times or something. It's a freaking shame...

hehe who knows? I wonder how many people have been knocked off by people who asked to many questions about the U.S. Government.

But please, don't make us sound like those "Vince Foster was offed by Clinton Nuts!" haha!

But, I think even if there were proof, most of "Bush's Boys" (my new term for yahoos) wouldn't give a damn. You know what would be really fitting and funny though? It would be great to see a good rumor started that said Bush was actually gay! HA HA! Man, talk about dissention in the ranks!

And by the way, thanks for popping by my blog Sheanc! I've been away for a few days and it was a nice thing to return to.

OH! Almost forgot, here is a great urban legends link about the whole President's Offing People thing: