Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm Still Waiting...

...for someone to tell me what the "Defense of Marriage Act" is supposed to be defending marriage from. This, maybe?

If you ask me, "Defense of.." = "defensive" = "intimidated" = "afraid" = "homophobic".

Oh, I get it! Now that the republicans are eliminating the inheritance taxes... gays want to leave their estates to their partners, so the republicans will have to surrender a fraction of the wealth to homosexuals! Is that what they're afraid of?


Simon said...

I'm guessing they are afraid of anything that is different than the normal consumer who fits in, pays taxes, and waves the flag whenever the US starts invading a country.

Am I the only straight guy in this country who thinks that gay men, are still men none the less, worthy of every bit of compassion and understanding? Love is hard enough to find in this world without criticizing where it shows up. Why doesn't adultery, lying and all those other things they used to kill you for get the same attention that these supposed other "sins" get?

Solidarity brothers.

Of course, they could just be ranting and raving about such nonsense to keep our minds off of things like killing innocent people in a land far far away. Who knows.


SheaNC said...

Thanks. I am another straight guy who respects my gay friends' rights to live their lives. My wife is also a proponent of civil rights. And we both think the republicans are wasting a lot of resources on this questionable cause...

Simon said...

Well, my observations have shown me that there are folks tough on this issue in both parties. Though, I would certainly agree it seems to be the latest rallying cry for republicans.

The sad thing is, with very few exceptions, none of it seems genuine, it only appears to be one group of people trying to manipulate another by first manipulating another through their own religion. Very sad. (Hmm, why does Nietzsche's supermen come to mind right now? ;)

And, I'll be honest, I wouldn't consider myself fully devoted to either camp on this subject! I think it is horrible that homosexuals must suffer and be treated as inferiors. However, despite our separation of religion and state, the laws historically have come out of religion (I'm getting ahead of myself with your post from today!). And marriage, was a religious concept. Therefore, by forcing others to accept a new defintion of marriage, are we then dictating their religious beliefs to them? (which gets to part of the problem, despite what we profess - religion has mingled with law since the beginning of our nation)

Very confusing. If anyone is totally black and white on this issue, I'm guessing they are either very enlightened or haven't given the issue serious, unbiased contemplation. And politicians don't seem to be helping the situation at all.

SheaNC said...

It is true that both sides pander to the "heteronly" faction, especially at election time. I think the solution to the whole thing lies in separation church and state regarding marriage. Religions can include or exclude whoever they want according to their beliefs, for religious ceremonies. Consenting adults, gay or straight, can be married in a civil ceremony by a Justice of the Peace just as many folks always have (include my wife and I). That way, religious folks get what they want, nonreligious folks get they they want.

And people who don't want their taxes funding gay marriage in civil court get to go on AM radio.