Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Okay, Me Too.

I must be the last person on the planet who has not yet posted a blog about Terri Schiavo. So, here it is.

First of all, my offering will not be an opinion about whether she should live or die. I know what my own limits are, and when I would rather not continue living. I think if the issue is considered from the perspective of what one would want for themselves, it is easier to reach a conclusion about what TS would want.

The main idea that I want to present is the one which applies most readily to the political aspect of this blog. That is, that President Bush is demonstrating, as usual, an apalling amount of hypocrisy in order to exploit a tragic situation for the political gain of himself and his associates. The reason I say this is because:

1. Bush campaigned on the strength of the notion that it is wrong for government, or courts, or the villified "trial lawyers" to get involved in medical decisions that should be left to doctors and patients. This was no small issue during the 2004 presidential campaign - everything that was considered in any way bad about healthcare in America was blamed on healthcare-related litigation.

2. As governor, he signed the Texas Futile Care Law which allows doctors to cease life-support even in the face of objections by the patient's family, and it has been utilized, too. Now, Bush flip-flops. Again.

The very idea that this president and so many of his neocon cohorts would go to such lengths to exploit this tragic, intimate, private matter, simply to gain what Bush so callously refers to as "political capitol", is sick.


windspike said...

The folks of W, Rove and Co. are not just sick, they are on feeding tubes and brain dead.

We need to pull the plug on these wackos and everyone else who says they are for State and individual rights, but only when they agree with the outcome.

SheaNC said...

You know, it's always about hypocrisy with those guys... it's as if they are driven by some diabolical force to say one thing and do another.

Cary Patrick Martin said...

The thing that scares me about this case is the long term legal implications it could have. The US Constitution is set with a series of checks and balances, and separation of powers. Congress undermining state judiciary could set in motion a Totalitarian government.

Still, my heart goes out to her parents. I can’t imagine how horrible they must feel.

I don’t know if Terri Schiavo would want to live or die in this case, but I don’t think she’d feel too good about being a pawn in a politician’s agenda.

SheaNC said...

That's another good point - the far-reaching consequences that are ignored for a few moments' glory and generation of "political capital." Ugh.

Watch 'n Wait said...

Totally agree. Gov should not even be involved in such a private matter...but when there are political points to be made with their religious conservative far right wing, they will go to extremes. This time, they've gone too far. There are many GOPers who flat don't like this, many Independents and many Dems feeling the same. BushCo is very choosy who gets mercy and who doesn't.

SheaNC said...

Exactly, they're awfully selective. If you're diagnosed with a terminal illness, don't call a doctor - call the repubs!