Thursday, March 10, 2005

Highway to HELLiburton

Where does one begin? It's important not to forget that these vile, morally bankrupt, robber barons have free reign over the Whitehouse. They take whatever they want, they gleefully endanger the lives of Americans both soldier and civilian, and you're paying them a crapload of money to do it (both in earned and stolen $). Liars and thieves. The republican neocon ideal.

- Halliburton Watch(Main Site)
- Investigations
- Halliburton bills taxpayers $45 per case of soda, $100 per bag of laundry
- Halliburton faces criminal inquiry into its business ties with Iran
- Halliburton operates in Iran despite sanctions
- Bribery investigation could lead to indictment of Cheney
- Total value of Halliburton's military contracts equals $21 billion
- Halliburton expands economic ties with U.S.-declared 'enemy' Iran
- U.S. Paid Iraq Contractors With Cash
- Halliburton could get $1.5bn more Iraq work
- Halliburton admits it 'may have' criminally rigged bids on contracts

What do you think the republicans would say if this was happening under a democratic administration? Would they defend democrats' doing business this way? Would they say they are violating the law? Would they say they deserve to be prosecuted? Would they call them traitors? What about the moral implications of making their money dealing with a country that has been on our enemies list for years? Oh, who are we kidding? The republicans would destroy a democratic government that did what they do, but they will defend Halliburton no matter how much taxpayer money they steal, laws they break, or lives they destroy. It's only Right.


windspike said...

Nice post. I used your Halliburton Watch link and referenced you in my blog.

Ethics? That's for the poor folks, I suppose.

SheaNC said...

Thanks :)