Monday, March 28, 2005

Me? Surprised?

Here is a great blog that I visit when I can. On March 27, they had a post called "Why People Are Surprised." It has a couple of those Amazingly stupid statements by Cheney and Rumsfeld which we know and love. Of course, We're not surprised, are we?


Mike of the North said...
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Mike of the North said...

I'm not surprised that I seem to have fallen off of your link list. Indeed, how to categorize such an ecclectic mix of vacuity and aimlessness. Perhaps a category such as:

Vacuity and Aimlessness!

SheaNC said...

No! You didn't fall off - I am just too lazy to get the rest of it up there, the part listing other blogs - sorry man! You'll be there, I promise.